I am a child soul

Sometimes I left my body,

Goes around the dreamland

Sometimes I scare and hide myself in my heard

I am a child soul

What I Understand about words

When you cry, I will cry

When you smile, I will smile,

Understand your face

When you praise me I will cry

When you swear me I will smile,

Do not understand the meaning of your words

But understand your speech tune

When you say come I will come

When you say go I will go

What I know about you

I am not like you

I give my hand without any expectation

I am full for empty promises

I am a child, don’t have power

I belive  that you have the solution

Scare from you and hide behind you

My Mother Eve born me firstly,

And My Dude Adam

I am an unfortunate human being

Die always during early life

what happened did not understand.

Sometimes hyena grasp me

Sometimes sabre-toothed tiger

outherwise eagles caught me

Sometimes, for aboundance  of the yield of crubs

You sacrificed me during spring.

Sometimes to have enough food during winter longstanding


Just because of my insufficient mind

or the man mind

wich cannot gain sufficient mind

Just even become wise

When human mind comes and goes in the word

And according to that fact I comes and goes into world

Necessary or unnecessary,

I have been flooded




I did not feel

How can I aspect what will happen

Evil is in everywhere

Danger is in everywhere

How do I know?

They send me here again and again

That kind weird place

Without remembering the past time


They attacked to our village

When I remembered first time

My mom has been Stabbed in back with arrow

When she was running away .

Fallen flat on her face her last time

Burned wall has fallen over us

We stayed flat on our face for a log time

Sometimes I was born from mom who has not got tits

Tits were cut to don’t let me suck

Take away me to the out of live

They made me symbol for victory

They made me go around on air

Sometimes hang on tip of spear

Sometimes hang on tip of bayonet

My name is human baby

just because of that this violent

I was born sedulously again and again

Where human being exist. on terrain

On different places, at different times,

And different mothers.

I flied and became an angel again and again

Without understand and without know what it was and what I was

Below, little child unaware of anything

Above, Wise man unaware of again born fair

Once, my mom was from Germany

I came into uterus on crystal neck night.

I became an angel before born

My mom was classified by supposing that she was mad

Poor-fellow mom was angry and told me not to be German again

And Found me a Jewish mom.

But didn’t know what she was made

I treat them as an enemy without understand

I am just an enemy for them

While I didn’ know what I was made

They classified me when I was in hospital

Buried me, hide me secretly with no date

My mom is mad lady

no bady knows what she was made

Not to be supposed I am a Jew,

She painted lightly black and sent me

I was born gypsy this time my furtune like a kate

And as generaly They catch me and bring to Auschwitz

Life is on my right side and gas room is on my left

They told me to right in several times

And we used to hearing ,They told me to left at the end

Dragon Zuklon swallowed me with his breath

I became Jew, became roman, born sinti

Same clamp crap me …as usual treat

Died with starvation, with illness, with frozen

Or died by classified on camp field on Monday

Doctors come with two snakes on their uniform collar

Snakes without become a knot,

cold face of die staying on two collars

And also the clamp face men  which is called Mengene


They look like us,although they are servent of snake of the evil

Almost human if they have conscience and common sense

They decide as if with their hands rather than mind and conscience

They decide Who, to where

eWhile semi cloud bloods goes araund hole body’s

Blood stream run in to the fierced hearts like rom

One more week on their right,

And their left sides is gas room

The big door will be opened,

When took all people in his mouth,

Breath of dragon zuklon will choke everybody

If there aren’t a day of juchment

it was look like the end of eveything


How many times he swallowed me

I became smoke, ash, fog

How many times my body mixed and went

To tree of life

I am a child soul

God’s wisdom

Obstinately born at different times

Where life goes on Different places

From Different mothers for same hopes

And same destiny…and same furtune and same end

My mom determined

I have a right to live a full life

Painted me darker and darker

Unless succeeded then

Another place, another time for a full life

Our fortune is as dark as our skin like blck roses

All Sacrificial flesh was buried in ground with

big machines on front of us

beyond the sea that was cleaved by Moses

Starvation took me with no opportunity to live

Our fortune is dark like our skin

What is more? Eagles fly around me.

Die is Just over me like passing shadows

They buried all flesh. So

My flesh will be food for vulture

Life of tree will take me whit passisg shadows

Spread out my soul to universe again and again

I have to die before right death time to the havens medows

Before ı understand

Before understand what is life

My body turns to tree of life.

whithout thinking by anyone my soul turns what sort of things

Anyone taking care my soul goes where

God’s wisdom please every where

I had different mothers. again and again

I had cry in the first breaht but no bady care

I am composed to live hidden and secretly

Do not turn aside right or left, go straight to be elderly

Everything is forgotten when you born again

Otherwise, how the earth will be full of evil?

Do not tell that why evil is exist on down side

If upper side is exist

Think that why kindness is exist on down side

If upper side is not exist

Kindness on the upper side is my mom love

And born me again and again

they took care me and feed me It is due to love and good mood

If I meet with humankind on the childhood

There are a lot ofo wise man

Having say rights in the day of jugement who will can

They have no right upon life what they can

and they send me to other places and times.again an again

ones upon time

I am painted red and sent to other side of huge water

Some kind people come from other side of huge water

It is certain they had got colt with their pale color

Blankets were given as a gift to us

We were fall asleep warm in blankets

there were red Flowers all around us

Birth as usual as death for us

We die wihtout any oprtunity to cry

And we cry for last dieing in the first breath

My mom slanted my eyes

and painted me different color

and Sent me again asusual every times


That place was called Far East. I learned later.

The only thing I know is to work meant the virtue

that is much good for you

How young you learn to be virtue,

They make us to work continuously

Without caring about our age , height, wheight

I passed away due to the work accident

Nobady sad because no bady have faint

It was my fault because of my childhood carelessness and awkwardness

I live in penyless and ı died now No bady feel sadnes

My Jewish mom’s old relatives immigrated to Palestine

Who are survivors from Auschwitz

My soul was sent to Palestine Imploringly,

They told me that I have choose the place and

Your mom is gift for you from us

I am given to a Palestinian mom’s arms

They told me that to be a live bomb for jihad or such that

They killded me my brother’s grandson from Auschwitz

While I did not know that, I did not understand

And as usual in history train

Once more time my soul was in Palestinian

I was going around border with my childhood brain.

A bullet came and took my life, and died me again

My brother’s cousin who was survivor in Auschwitz have shoot me

White pigeons flied to the sky from Ghetto to Heaven

Flied again and gone to the heaven from Gazze oven

Without understand and know what was happening?

Can’t humankind be justified  just one time

Without killing a child

Human shouted “We did worse things , just fly away

Tell the good news to creator on other side say that

You have created, but we killed

You have to accept that we are the superior


Are not you the one who forgive our sin with pray

And now

Accept our pray with sin

Hopefully, One, who is not with us, let him is another.

Let him to be die, to be nothing.

And you abandon what you are too.

Accept our bizarre pray to desire mastery

I never grew up and understand

What is the other to be different?

On different bodies, different languages

Different cultures

All comes from Eve

All comes from Adam

All has the same soul

That soul

Not racial but to be human

To be slave for God

Even all carries the same soul in mortal life

I became myself

Some people told “Look at now, you are not me”

And I became another

Previous myself told “Look at now, you are not me”

And killed me again and again

When I did not understand

And could not know what life is

And sent me again and again

There are no you and me. There is only humankind

Do not be cheated by color, form, and figure

All of you go to same last judgment

With having same human soul,

Go with human soul

And come back without lost that soul

But I did never understand.

Who is dear servant of the God?

Who is the son of the God, who is not?

You have fight

I died all the time without understand

I did work to swell up world’s cake

I died to increase your share

I am a child,

Bread is deserved by me

Playing is deserved by me

Life is deserved by me

Hey  Growned-up people don’t kill me

Before to be like you, learn to be evil

Loose my soul.

Then the death is deserved by me

Otherwise am I sent again and again?

Hey humankind If you lost

Your mind and soul ever since

Whatever costs

To live is deserved by me to detect and find them

Is my destiny illness or starvation?

Or is it you humankind

The presence, existence of you

Breath of death just behind me

Ever since and forever

Every time machine graps me

Every time eagles fly over me

In Hiroşima and Nagasaki

Bombs fall over me

When I died yesterday in Srebrenitsa

Why did I born as an enemy of you

Without knowing why

by a bullet in the eighties

In gas rooms in the forties

In center of the Europe in present age

Not know when the other so many places

Where a child death in took place

Dying that is your humanity

Lying on the ground,

Your own honor of humanity, don’t forget

Nor Nature, nor a creature, nor wisdom good or bad in this world

Kindness and evil indicate your behavior in all life.

Is it an excuse to ask am I create evil.

Don’t ask why evil is exist if creator is exist

Ask why kindness exists if creator is not exist.

If there is a angel who ask me

Who have done it in the day of jugdment

I’ll say human being have done it

And we will be waiting for you together

in the day of judgment

in the day of judgment



Our efforts for preparations for war

Is too much than our efforts for peace

So we humankind does not ever have right to speak about the subject

That whether are we kindness or evil in this world