Humanity filled whit air.


All we breath the same air.

At any time and all lifelong…

It’s plenty and free as always it was.

The unique one we use with no fair,

with no care, as always, we were

it’s one and only thing,

which we share equally

as always it was and if you let it be

we live in air and also bottom of it.

we live in it and inhale it,

like never endless effort.

from birth until to death…

we don’t remember the first time

and don’t think the last time.

you cry first time

and now we do not remember.

What will happen last time we do not know…

Forget it, every bad has its worse

Life start for this once, no once more

Breath with endless effort, blow away.

Live with no care, after me the flood.

The door of the haven will open

You are holding a pan flute

Which is called intelligence

Because of this fact and only you have itb

Everything waiting you there with salute.

The matter isn’t that you believe in God.

is God believe in you. that’s the matter.

Humanity filled with air…



in the bottom of air ocean…

swelling with proudly manner.

Air is the only unique thing

Which we share equally.

Even the justice want justice.

You change its meaning…

And all living thing huff and puff

Because of your bizarre justice.


Maybe you can have lands

Mountains, rivers…

Continental shelf of oceans…

Maybe you can be the king of the whole world.

You can have everything.

But not air which is belong to us.

Its covers all over us

Its inside and out of us.

As its feature, as our nature.

No way out and nowhere without it.

It is out of us and inside of us

We live in it…

Talk and think…

all event of living thing

all of these things, thanks to it.

No any living action without it.

We walk around in it.

and it circulates in side of us.

we integrate with it…

it flows in our vessel

we are mix with air.

every second and all lifelong…

our lives are the stone skiting.

in the bottom of the air ocean…

sing a song breath to breath.

for the sake God, joyfully, hopefully.

our ever word every song

come from it and goes with it…

it’s only thing which we share equally…

every second and all lifelong…

with all breath, the air turns and join us.

and when we expire, we turn and join it.

Air turnover in all living thing and

For every event of living thing…

Not only in our body…

Air is the life. It mixes everybody…

It turnover in bodies all over us.

Like the water, and food…

but only unique thing

Which we share equally…

Air is every living thing…

Air is the life…

Air is body of us…

Air means every living cell…

Maybe you can have lands

Maintains, rivers…

Continental shelf of oceans.

But not air which is belong to all over us.

Because it belongs to our body.

And our bodies belong to air…

it is only unique thing

Which we have shared equally…

Because we share it with every creature

Human being also cannot own it…

Its belong to all living thigs…

Yes, human body live with air.

But humanity filled with air.

With air pollution…

With waste of every natural source

With careless intelligence…

Hey human you aren’t the owner of air…

It is your owner…

It is you and you are what you eat or breath

All we breath same air.

All of us mix breath to breath.


If you give up it or if It give up you

In either case means the death of you…

You can own every thing

All lands

Ever mountain every river

Every valley and

But not air…

It flows in our vessels

Its mix our cells

Its part of our body

As every living bodies…

It blows not only over your land

It blows in our vessels.

It blows in every living cells.

Living things mix with each other’s

Breath to breath in the name of God.

Like food and water turnover.

You pollute not only the air

You pollute every living bodies.

Every cell, ever lung and vessels…

In order to make money.

What is the money.

Is it useful for my breath?

Can I breathe with your many?

While my every cell pollutes,

What is the benefit to me from your industry.

What is the benefit to others.

while your intelligence poisons every creature.

While you destroy the nature

What is the intelligence,

which you so proud with it?

If you don’t make it dirty

others make this guilty…

Is it only good reason for what have you done?

Humanity filled with air.

With siting in a death chair.

It says empty words with filled air.

I am intelligent

I am more than a creature.

Dirty, guilty and so proudly…

Whom the God love die young

Therefore, air pollution for the love of God.

His love enough and more than enough for all over us.

But think a little bit

While human don’t love themselves…

Why does God love human, with dirty and guilty?

Also try to cheated God

with our collective intelligence  and sins.

the humanity filled with air.

Because of we haven’t got collective free will.

National laws solve national problems.

Not global collective sins…

As usually we think

if we cannot calculate something, it’s unimportant.

But God is wise and have wisdom.

He deals our collective sin one by one…

He knows ever thing without thinking.

No matter Believe or not believe God.

We will share our collective sins.

In this life or second one…

We are sitting on a death chair.

And humanity filled with air.

Which we are so proud with it.

All life is one in this world.

And the air is the breath of it.

Only unique thing

Which we share equally…

All life is one in this wold.

Life breath collectively …

Don’t look around for understanding this

Look at your inside

If other lives stop in your bowels

That means your death soon…

We need others for our life.

All life is one in this world.

And we take breath together…

All we breath same air…

We live in it, in the bottom of air ocean.

It lives and mix with us in our cells…

In every second and lifelong…

And breathe deeply and think a little bit.

You take all living thing with one breath.

You inspire the turnover of life…

Your lung fill the past of life.

You inhaled it for making yourself.

Which is formerly belong to others.

You expire it out of your body,

Which will belong to others in the future.

All life has same breath

Why does it only belong to you…?

There must be only thing

Which you have…

It is your sin.

Which we share every breath…

Let me a breath of fresh air…

Not your sin not your cultural flesh…

And don’t tell me without thinking…

What about your humanity.

Which is filled with air…

Human will be more than a human,

without your bizarre culture,

without fake humanity.

Healthy, innocently and happy…

Tell me what about your technology

Which you are so proud of it

can It give me one healthy breath?

which is taken naturally.

After today, and forever.

have I lost it forever?

Yes, we will miss it forever.

Nature was the virgin

And human abuse it.

God forgive our sins

In the name of a healthy breath.

Our collective intelligence remains unimportant

If we haven’t got a collective free will…

While the air filled with our dirty sins

Humanity remains filled with air.


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