This is a story of a mom.

The mom of every living thing.

All life is in one and this one is the mom.

In other words, the Nature…

All life is in one and the life is consisting of lives.


This is not a poem or another thing.

This is a cry out of our mom.

It’s too long but not enough…

She is million times of millions years old.

This is a story of the mom of all creature.

It’s too long but not a long tail…



There is a woman called the life tree.

And all her child dies like cutting her hairs.

She keep going her life like an everlasting tree.

She is warning now and will say when all else fails.

Calling to our blind minds with a blind hope.

“I know what I must to do in due time.”


“You are too much…and I know how to cope …”

“Listen to and hear the sound of my fallen trunk.”

“Listen to me before no hope …”

“My only dirty pedant pendant earrings…”

“Listen to me, I say just a word of advice.”

“A foolish creature is better than the careless intelligence.”


There is a life tree.

All living creature is a leave or flower on it.

All of them live on it in the loneliness of universe.

Who knows there is a unique life tree.

May be there are other one or others.

Exist with hiding in the endless of universe.

May be our mom is only one of them.

We don’t know yet and we’ll see or never …

There is a life tree and We have only one now…

Only universe is unique as far as we known.

The universe will remain only unique exist thing as it was …

The meaning of the life and the existence of it,

there are not worth for universe and seldom if ever…

It has one as we know, as its nature, as always it was, as itself…

İt was existing without life and now exist with life,

İt will exist with life or will exist without life,

in the past as it was, in the future if it has…

God said ‘breath now’ and will say ‘stop now!’…


There is a life tree and it doesn’t matter for universe.

And standing in front of God still on his hand…

May be numerous as a jungle, disperse around.

Numerous and rare because of endless of universe,

standing on unknown worlds or unknown things.

May be alone only standing on this world…

We couldn’t know it or we’ll never know it.

We have only one.

There is a life tree and think a little bit?


All breath is a wind in the name of God.

All flower and all birth in this life on it.

Is a hope and happiness in the name of theirs?

All death is a rule there’s no escape in this life.

All birth is an exception in this world.

The rule of the exception proves the rule.

To the birth is meaning to the death.

There is a life tree, all creature lives on it.

All Bodies come from it and go to it.

Just like that

All souls come from God and return to Him.


There is a life tree, the mom of allover us.

Look at our dark lover, it’s standing in front of us.

Either invisible as a wind or real as a hearth-beat of us.

Who could understand it or who could think as a wise…

Then, there is a life tree, standing in front of us.


The Mom of every living thing.

Whatever we say “what about life tree.”

She doesn’t mind us.

There was a life tree only obeys God,

the mom of every living thing,

lying in front of us with covered all over us,

as much as wild and wise for the sake of God,

in the past, before us, even after us…


There was a life tree without us.

There is a life tree with us.

and there will be a life tree with or without us.

We are standing on top of it, while we live our life…

With hanging one of the branch of it.

We live on it, thanks to it, we live in it…


when we are thinking, it’s standing in front of us…

As our fade, as our future, as our nature…



Whatever you say…

it is standing with human hanging one of the branch…

it’s naturally with us, as our nature and as its nature…

She doesn’t need and don’t mind us…

We came from it, it did not come from us.

No matter for it…

What the science and religion say,

what about it, what is she or what she is

whatever say about it, she doesn’t hear us,

as the science and religion saying like that

“that is that…who is who…what is what…

She doesn’t mind…

The life tree is the life tree…

Only acts himself, only listen to God,

with no objection with no mistake…

She only obeys the rules of God.

What he says to her, as wisdom.

She acts only that, she is that who act that only,

has to obey rules of the wisdom of God.


The nature was the nature, as it was as always…

The nature is the nature, as it is always,


The nature will the nature, as it will be always, forever

always as she was…

But the nature is the nature as its nature.

The Nature evolves itself by itself as its nature.

Every event goes as its nature…

If the natural event goes out as its nature,

think that you don’t know it’s all over its nature.

The nature doesn’t act being unnatural, it acts as its nature.

The nature of the Nature is to be the nature as its nature.

Naturally, you are wrong as your nature.

Check all over yours,

there are somethings wrong as your nature…




it doesn’t mind what’s the wrong with you…

Only your will and intelligence unnatural…

And naturally after that

as the natural being of her

She will be or will not be with us…

What happens then its up to you …


There is a life tree…

No shape of a tree, İt is a shell, shape of sphere.

She entangles all living things as a net.

She is a living net Which is cover everywhere…

The life live like a tree in the name of God.

With all beauty of angel wings,

with all horror of ugly things,

there is a battle of every living things.

Battle of the existence in the name of God.

Neither beauty of flowers nor ugly living tings.

No matter for her, her child all over them.

There is a life tree mom of every living thing.

it’s standing in front us with covering us.

With her all beauty of her existence,

With all nice and wise of her creation.

she standing in front of us, covering all over us…

With invisible branches out of our sights.

With her fragile neck on our dirty hands.

With unbelievable size in our blind minds.


Every piece of the life tree is a kind of life.

All life is one, whole life tree is one life.


İt has a lot of flowers, leaves on branches,

Some of them run and ramp noisily,

some of them dig like a root silently,

some of them fly or jump joyfully.

All breath sake of God blows gently,

from the birth until the death hopefully…


There is a life tree all life is one on it.

İt has a lot of branches with leaves joyfully.

No matter who comes first, who comes second.

They are hungry and thirsty as their nature…

Water comes from earth and food comes from the sun.

Creature eats creature as their nature…

The sunlight search for living power,

goes branch to branch as nature of the Nature.

No matter who comes first who comes second.

The food is a life, neither they care nor they will…

They go to eternity from each other…

The Death of one of them, for the voyage of the others.

What at life there is one meal in it? What a meal there is whole life in it?

What’s the meaning of life? Is it wort in it?

What’s the meaning of your life? There is a free will in it.


There is a life tree in a sudden onset, from one cell, ones upon time…

It goes and lives, from in a sudden onset in the past,

to end, from end to end to new onset and to new ends.

From old beginning to new beginnings for ever and ever.

Like an arrow which is shoot from one point.

And goes every direction, diffuse and disperse around for the sake of god.

until the endless of time… forever and ever…

From one point to anywhere where excepted the life well if ever …


There is a life tree, the life live in it.

All life is one and this one is the mom of all living things.

Most of them no aware anything even existence of themselves in this life.

One of them think and know itself as dare say “what is the meaning of life?”


There is a life tree,

beginning from one cell for the sake of God.

İt was grown until one branch ask for

“what is the meaning of life?”


There is a life tree,

millions and millions of years old.

She stands every draught and cold.

İt’s standing every wind and storm.

Standing in front of them as it was always…

And now an old lady with its natural beauty,

It’s standing in front of the human free will,

standing on the hands of God…

With all her charming and beauty,

against every drought and cold.

It’s designed for every nature of calamity.

Every time stands against them with all her nice.

All the time Solve its problems with all her wise.

Not only harmed of cavalries, fire and ice.

İt was standing every catastrophe with patience of wisdom,

with patience her nature sake of wisdom…

But not human free will, not against it’s evil Calvary …

Neither human standing against the nature

Nor Nature standing against the human intelligence.



The Nature is strong then human in the name of God.

Same times there is no hope to human


Human intelligence stronger then the nature,

in the name of elephant in the China shop,

always there is no hope to the Nature.


when one thing drops in human mind.

When things done right by human in the name of God.

Whatever What kind…

Thousand broken branches fallen which are live on the life tree,

in the name of one branch which is hanging on the top of tree.


There is a life tree cutting by human intelligence,

until remaining no branch, no pip, no flower.

She is a woman, she is a mom of every living thing.

Not only of human also all living creature which all of them gives life it…

But also, one by whom cut it…

Until remaining no tit, no branch, no pip, no flower

no hope for others…


We stayed out of life, İf God not created us, as a branch of the life tree .

God created us integrated with others.

Otherwise the life are not a profit for us.

Neither we eat nor drink…

No taste, only salt of loneliness…

Useless breath, no integrated live with it…

Among all living things, deep loneliness…

All creature shares almost same DNA

When we extract which is make different us.

We are a handful sand on the shore.

We are a handful pebble stone riverbed.

We are a few different colours on valley.

All life is one we are swim in foreign DNA…


We are integrated all others and have a free will.

What is the free will? what is the intelligence?


Hey human, you have a spirit and mind.

Think again and again for the sake of god,

as the only exist thing has a free will.

İts makes you more than a creature.

Think again and again of this fact.

And act as more than a creature.


Look life tree turn pale now.

İt’s changes its color from life to death.

Your body is not your future and faint.

You have a sprit and a free will.

Therefore, you must thing how to act.


Your spirit belongs to god.

Comes from God goes to God…

Your body belongs to life tree.

Comes from it goes to it…

A Spirit of second life, a Body for this life…

Therefore, you must thing how to act…


In this world nothing is black or white.

Black and white only in your mind.

For proudly intelligence no thinking otherwise.

Every time found yourself in a fight.

like if world is round or flat.

it doesn’t matter for earth.

it acts as an earth day and night.

Wisdom shapes thigs, don’t human mind.

It obeys wisdom of God, otherwise how to act.

Only wisdom of God. the wisdom is its realty.


Only you have two sorts of reality.

A reality as a wisdom for your body as all thing it has.

A reality as shadow of wisdom on your scene in your mind

which is calling intelligence as understanding wisdom.



Reality not obey the rules of science nor religion.

But science and religion have to obey the reality.

Otherwise they haven’t got any relation with reality

Remain as a childish fairy tale in front of the reality.


Whatever say hodja or pope

Whatever say science that is that, what is what?

The nature is the nature, as it was always.

It only acts itself, no religion or science.

With unbroken rope, only obey God as it was.

Everything is change but nature does not change its nature.

If something gets wrong about it?

When something gets wrong

You didn’t understand what he was said or

You didn’t observe” what had happened”

You face to new face of nature which you didn’t see before.

As real as, your stubborn, as they were …


And now look at time passing for you.

Not only backward but also forward.

From existence until mass extinction.

All life is one everything dies together.

God watch you, as you how to act

As act as a human on the top of tree

or die due to your collective sin.

as act as a creature, like a common branch.


you always believe that everything offered you.

as your servant, for your ranch

every mountain every lake, sea and jungle

every creature, every branch of life tree

every nature of life like your ranch…

every natural source and event of nature

all belong to you for your bizarre suck.


it’s through but not enough for God.

no matter they served you as his wise.

All creature serves and be source each other,

in this wild world, thanks to his wise…

only that is the matter for god,

what or for whom will you serve with all of them,

for what your spirit serves in this life with all over them.

what are the growing your inside what about them.

Naturally, your body grow and live in this life,

like every branch of the life tree in this life.

The matter is “what your sprit could grow for second life” or

on behalf of human dignity if your inside has got it.

who can’t say and who can’t thing that.


“God give and God take away”.

He is who give to life and cause to death.

there is a life tree and it has a one tiny stupid branch,

on the top of the life tree. with his unnatural nature.

Its thing that it’s bigger then all over the life tree.


There is a life tree and the life live in it.

The root of the human was aware of its existence

every ancient culture known it,

every saga told about it …

They viewed their selves only a little branch on it.


And because of that fact and on the name of it,

every barbarian pagan engaged couple,

took place under a tree for the marriage.

In this modern World you tell and told

“I am more than a creature”.

But don’t know why is İt because;

You can fly like a bird in the sky.

You can dye more than a fish in the ocean.

You think the intelligence is the cause.

You think and proud your intelligence.

You can go moon as more than a creature

I am more than creature by my intelligence.


You don’t know that “what is the life tree?”

what are you for it and where are you on it…

you are hanging one of branches,

only a little stupid branch of the tree.

as source of dirty drops, the rain of pollution.

With thinking yourself bigger than whole the life tree,

If all the other leaves and branches pollute with your rubbish

if you paint them with dirty color all the nature looks like your nature…


And you settling and roosting in front of god,

with your little intelligence looking at him with your sinner nature…

with your collective sins with your dirty property and things.

with your apathy and with your situation on top of the tree…

with your thought and proud as master of the dirty things.


Naturally and as a nature all living things produces nature things.

with their body in this world as nature things without free will.

Only you produce with your intelligence with your free will.

İs this fact made you more than a creature?


what is the free will?

a few words in dictionaries in one hand,

in the other hand some wise saying …

All of them same clear and some metaphoric…

The Life Tree dares you and ask that” what is the meaning of life” …

Is it mean a hearth beat or breath or your five senses?

intelligence and wisdom,

or only a mysterious thing which is only the free will can know?


you don’t know that “what is the meaning of share”,

only to consumption of everything with monkey appetite…

only you now evil things like that

others hungry without no share,

Wasting yourself with All Wars and genocides,

Wasting the nature with environmental pollution.

And with over exploitation natural scourge,

Wasting your humanity by system of exploitation,

Lay to waste everything…eventually a rubbish culture…

thanks to the intelligence for all of them…

that’s you’ve done as an only thing

as more than a creature…


you don’t know what’s the meaning of production

because of unnatural wastes and over exploitation natural scourge.

The perfect intelligence production has no waste…

the nature only produces natural things and wastes,

like your body but your intelligence, is it dirty and guilty?

It clears everything but not clean account of you.

Nature gets dirty due to you, and cleaning absence of you.

in other saying dirty with as your nature you clean without you as its nature.

It clears everything but not clean account of you.

nature clean nature things, made itself, clean itself as its nature.

Only clean itself by itself for its nature as nature.

May be hide your guilty and maybe cover your dirty.

Not your industry wastes, not your bizarre cultures damages,

not your soul and sin. It never cleans to your guilty…

When the time comes, it only cleans your body…


Naturally, the nature cleans, the natural things,

no any unnatural thing. Because of its nature and duty.

Not your any collective sins and guiltiest.

Naturally, the nature cleans the natural things.


If it has an effort, if it manages to do this,

it does that not only for you,

it manages to solve the problem,

firstly, for herself immediately.

Look at Picture of life tree.

Look at the branch which you grab,

like a helpless primate.

It sliding in your hand,

with your no care like a primate,

with it’s no care like a plant…


The Nature is only the nature as always it was.

With no proud, no intelligence, no free will.

İts nature is only act as nature, as always it was

Only She does her duty by herself for herself.

Whatever God said god…whatever his wise…

She only does it, as always it was.


That’s enough to be nature…

With no free will, only God wise…

But not enough to be human,

with free will, as God wise…

Always you proud of your intelligence.


You think,

your intelligence makes you more than a creature.

But good intelligence makes good consequences.

Your problem-solving methods, lying in front of us,

as a waste, as tragic comedy of pollution sequences…

Your proudly intelligence which is so wise,

which is the made you more than a creature is a waste.


Look now your way of the production.

Look and think again and again proudly.

Your intelligence means the pollution.


There is a life tree all creature lives on it.

You are only dirty branch on it.

A little stupid branch has no collective free will,

which is seen itself bigger than all of the tree.

And pollute with wastes all other branches…


with proud of your intelligence as your nature.


But don’t forget extinctions in the past.

Don’t forget if God get angry in the last…

He cut all over unnecessary branches,

as if had happened all extinction.

Like a storm time of Noah


like a common natural extinction.

Whatever you say…

Who and whom will live?

Which is what will think about it.

And how to understand it.

As every extinction in the past…


And now, look at the track of the time.

Which is written by time on its trunk crust

Only simple branches survive in the past

Superb branches do exist…

As always it was in the past

Because of simple is strong than complex is fragile,

complex is fragile than simple as a rule.

Closer branches at trunk will survive…

But others die quickly as far as the trunk as it was…

As always it was in the past…


There is a one clear thing.

There is a life tree standing in front of god.

It will happen in the last that,

what had happened in the past.

Always like every extinction as it was…


He doesn’t say “There was a life tree” …

Maybe he says

“There was a human in the life tree”

“Ones Hanging on one of the branch”

Stupid, dirty and guilty…


And There is a life tree the mom of every living things.

All life is one and this one is the mom.


İt will exist all the times for the sake of got

with or without stupid things.

who knows to give to us…? also knows take from us…

İs it clear, I think so…

Yes naturally…

You will be face an extinction.

No abrupt, this time it will slowly.

So foolish, so sad, so bad.

So naturally and so wise.

The nature is the nature as it nature.

She naturally serves us as nature and naturally.

Thanks to God, So wise, so nice…

So naturally…


But one question still lying in front of us.

As always it was…

“What’s the meaning of life”

Is it carry an equal meaning

For human or for plants

or animals and any other living things.

Is it can carry same meaning for all of us on this life.

Which we are hanging her one of branch…

only you more than a creature on this tree.

thanks to carrying the responsibility of free will.

The Free will make you more than a creature.

It rules and wipes your intelligence.

It’s that for some of people

the only thing who answer the question in the day of judgement.

It’s that some of other people

could ask “what’s the meaning of life” in their judgement.

And your free will means for life tree as always…

As pollution,

with access consumption,

with existing of creatures.

That’s the meaning of your free will while it must be a way of wisdom.

But only path of death for the life tree

While the existence of the gradient of intelligence,

don’t ask to yourself am I have got only,

with your intelligence and human nature.

Your free will is only unique thing you have

which is made you more than a creature.


only you able to act unnatural.

All living thing lives their nature as nature even attacked by rabies…

Only living thig is human who able to went out it nature

Who is s able to act unnatural even don’t attacked by rabies…


don’t ask what’s the meaning of life, unnecessary

only exist thing you are who will give meaning of this life.

the meaning of the life that what you make of it.

We didn’t come here being exist.

We came here to be exist.

We come here to be what’s grow in our inside good or bad.

We came here for what we grown in our inside.


No matter who are you while the birth.

The mater who will you while the death.

And ask yourself this question

what is my free will,

who I am,

what’s the human?

is being human good?

what must I will with my free will,

to be human members of humanity?

And ask yourself this question again and again.

what is my free will?

what’s make it unique?

The free will is that the only thing will be answer,

“what’s the meaning of life”

How to I make of it?

what’s the meaning good and wise?

what’s the right one among other things.

The free will is that “who is able to choose this”

You able to make a decision with free will.

With yourself for yourself and your decision.

and it must be correct always if you have free will.

Because otherwise you are in captivity of dark cultural ignorance.



The Free will is the ability to train the intelligence

sharing with others, without discriminate anyone

union of human labor and work for everyone.

effort to be on the way of every good things


to seek the answers that what’s the human, what I am?

The knowing that what’s the good for me?

The knowing that” what is smart for me”?

No everyone has got it, it’s comes your sudden onset

That is the onset to be decide of walking the way of wisdom forever.

The free will is the equivalent opposite of the intelligence.

And it forces the intelligence to ask that “who am I, who are we”?

What’ the human, what’s the humanity?

“What must the meaning of life” actually?



The free will of the human which hasn’t got every human.

Is that who seek an answer this sort of questions…

And The rightfulness of the answer of this question is the free will.

It’s the balance of between human and society and their environment.

And the consistency of this balance

is means of the existence of free will.

It’s the wish to be human, to believe in humanity.

Your existence exists with your free will.

You know your existence as your free will.

You thing as correctly as your free will.

You live as actually as your free will.


Your life not a plants life or others

Free will is not meaning of life…

But an effort, tool or willing to understanding it, seeking for it.

Yes! that’s the free will, it’s doesn’t describe with words,

But its existence in front of us like a life tree…

No shape, no taste, indefinable and unique in our mind as true as ourselves…

Your existences are not same existence from the birth until to the death.

An existing or an annihilation from the birth until the death is yours


the free will decide that

what sort of thing of your existence…

is it a common creature or a human?

the free will decide it


the free will is the who made you more than creature.

there is a life tree for your body…

it’s don’t chance the place of its branch in the tree

and there is another tree of your soul.

in the sake of “what’s the mining of your life”

and it is able to change its place of tree

jump, up and down with your free will


Like intelligence you’ve got, the Humanity has a collective intelligence.

Our collective intelligence hasn’t got an equivalently opposite collective free will,

Because this fact and unfortunately

The existence of human being, isn’t existence of whole meaning.

Because of this fact naturally,

The intelligence of human being is the meaning of the death of life tree.

We’ll punish not only for our individual sins.

But also, our collective sins.

Even if we don’t know

there is a wisdom to share them out one by one

We would be responsible what we have done

and also, what we didn’t done which we had able to do

We lived in a collective way and we will answer questions in a collective way


All of the wars, all hungry children, the child labor, extinct creatures,

Environmental pollution all over unnatural and evil things

Why is this sort of evil thing exist in this world?

This can be known by an idiot.

You ran after to made an artificial intelligence…

Is this your only future and fade?

That means, there are no one for amity.

is it useless for you to ran after funny things?

While don’t use and think of natural one…

that means, there are everyone for amity.


They also ask for that the collective sins of the collective life.

The collective judgment for collective sins…

They don’t ask what’s the meaning of the life.

The question to our free will then

“What was the meaning of your life”



You went there with human body and came back losing it.

Did you come back with your human soul?


They don’t ask” did you lose it reluctantly?”

They will ask that “did you find it with your free will”

You have already answered all the other questions in the life with your free will

They will say us by the wisdom and wise of him

There was a life tree polluted by your existence on top of it.

There is a soul tree here and there are no branch on it for you making dirty.


You must so proud of your intelligence.

So proud…

And you can answer.

All of them were collective sins.

They will answer to you;

If your freewill wasn’t free in the first life.

Therefore, not free Second life.


If you don’t believe in God…

Because of swinging to branches unnaturally,

The life tree will say to you or your descendants.

“Hey artificial monkey goes to extinction as it was before”.

Or if you believe in God

Hey All of you are dirty things…

You will pollute the haven with your existence…

Go to the caldrons to be clean


If there are other lives exist in unknown place in universe.

They aren’t fade or future us.

because of it has a different condition

and with their different nature.

Only this nature is the nature for us

The nature as nature as nature for us…


And naturally,

we don’t have a chance and no fade for us.

The Nature, as we have, unique nature for us.


We have to live on a nature like same the Nature as we have.

Otherwise life is not possible for us, if we don’t change human nature of ourselves.


but in any way if is it possible to join the new nature which is different one.

we have to change our nature together with the all nature which we have,

for transferring between different condition… because all life is one in our life tree.

To evolve without separating from the main trunk of our life tree

to one direction all together nearly in possible,

only for God if he wants. By whom have done one time…

it isn’t possible by us,

because it needs an altogether synchronized evaluation.

to one direction.


If God permits these bizarre things…

If we succeed to do this we go to heaven like different kind of pet.


So foolish…

we have an only chance it’s the nature which we have

We have to take our house if we go anywhere else.

Like tortoise whole life tree with our back…

Like an old religion…

As if ancient people recognize life three.

May be firstly beginning of believing

Earth was not on the top tortoise.

Word was the life tree…

Earth was the tortoise…

I don’t know, I speculated…

And I speculate new one

maybe we will be new kind of tortoise …

if we want to go anywhere else in the universe

we must take our home on our back…


There is one life tree unique yet…

Maybe still may be never…


In one hand Science said that “all life is one in this world” …

and in the other hand religion said that

“it is the only one that we have before the second one “

“there are a second life but not like previous” …

It’s not important for you too late

if you haven’t got an equally opposite free will.


Don’t proud your collective intelligence.

It’s not important for us, too late…

Because of we haven’t an equally opposite collective free will.

collective sins occur like that;

not sharing…

Wasting yourself with all Wars and genocides,

Wasting the nature with environmental pollution,

And with over exploitation natural scourge,

Wasting your humanity by system of exploitation,

Lay to waste everything…eventually a rubbish culture…

thanks to the intelligence for all of them…

that’s you’ve done as an only thing

as more than a creature…


God knowns everything, God judge everything.

He able to know everything without thinking.

He is wiser than us we don’t cheat Him.

We only cheat us…

All the time your parent’s applause you for little successes.

Forget what’s the humanity and found yourself little missions for cheating God.

They were intelligent than you and didn’t they are cheated by you.

so why God…


The free will is the rider of intelligence.

That’s the one who makes you more than a creature.

The collective free will is the shepherd of collective intelligence.

That’s the one makes humanity more than a sheep herd.


And there is still one question

If the second life is not like the previous one

Who cleans the heaven…


This is certain that Haven is not dirty.


The rules of acceptance in the haven are so rude.

They never accept who pollute environment…

Or there is a collective free will in haven

They only accept who has free will and

Who will be able to join the collective free will


And now there are no collective will in this word yet

But build your free will for the meaning of your life

and enlist your name in your mind to join our collective freewill

if there will be happen in the future…

against all our collective sins…

for the seed of collective free will…


Dr. Özgür EKER 05.03.2017