Your children so lovely and

you are so much proud of half of yourself even than you.

Their halves are much lovely for you than they are

Your grandson and granddaughter why so much lovely

Is it because they are bigger than your son or daughter.

Why they are so lively for you then closer ones

Because of that fact

Your soul makes you more than a creature.

Your soul makes them closer to you than others.

Whatever your body has got

not only given to you by God.

Your gene all you have got.

Your kin already have them.

Your cousins are closer to you then your descendants.

What will you give to your descendants

different kind than they have…

what sort of different thing will be able to pass to your descendants.

Only your love and your perspective of life and the humanity.

What you have which makes your body,

your brother and sister or their descendants,

and all of your cousin, they are already having of them.

What sort of different thing will be able to pass to you to your descendants

Which makes you human, which makes you more than a creature.

Is that, your soul

Whatever your body has got,

Your children have half of it.

Their children have quarter of it…

If you go to lineage as could as you go

You will give your descendants

Only a hair colour, a hair stile

Or an eyes colour if you have a luck of course…


sometimes nothing remains from you.

The time extracts you your descendants …

It throws you out of the line of the crossover

by linked genes and by the crossing over

This is your body’s fate as your nature

Because of the event called meiosis.


If you recount again and again

The result is that

Your cousin closer to you than your descendants.

You are only one drop which is mixed the pool…

Only one dropping in the river…

If you can think and count rightly,

You see this fact firstly…

The child who lives anywhere

Closer to your descendant than you.

Because of the one generation gap.

Count it you will see…

All drops will mix the pool,

If it drops after you, it mixes over than you.

The time is the ruler…

The time is the applicator…


Every child closer to your descendants than you.

Don’t think your child is only your child.

Think every child is all our child

Children belong to humanity…

Whatever they have name

Where ever they live

Whenever they birth

the matter is that they are all our future and fade…

If you can think, if you can be wise.

And because of the time is a wisdom…

After a long time

every child will be closer to your descendants than you.

That’s what’s going to happen…

You are a drop which is mixed the pool

You are a dropping in the river.

All of us is one living thing.

All our children are ours.

No matter who is whom.

The matter is what kind of life they have live…

You are much proud of half of yourself than you.

Their half much lovely to you than your chid…

Why is your careless to other’s child?

Although they are closer to your descendants than you.

Children are humanity, all of them are belong to us…

Think a little bit as a human like dad or mum, as you are…

Nearly all animals look after their pappy.

You must act a more than a creature.

Otherwise your children would not be more than a pappy.

God don’t mind what sort of gene pass

from your human body to your descendants

He knows it already from eternity…

He wants to know what sort of humanity will pass from you to your descendants

Look at these children who are looking hungry and angry.

Current system takes from them and gives to yours

Of course, you ignore it…

God know it…

If you still denying, you don’t know nothing about God

After all than

The lights are on but nobody’s home